Spotlight Applications

Induction Heating Spotlight Applications

Select from these specialized industry-targeted solutions to read how our solutions can improve the efficiency, repeatability and safety of your specialized heating process.

Aluminum Brazing

Recent advances in lower temperature aluminum braze materials have allowed induction to effectively replace flame and furnace heating in high volume brazing of aluminum assemblies.

Brazing Drill Bits

In downhole fixed cutter, rock or hammer drill bit manufacturing and rebuild operations, 40-60 tool inserts are individually brazed onto a single drill bit.

Crystal Growing

Let Induction Foster provide a solution to your pressing challenges when ramping up your semiconductor manufacturing processes.

Fastener Heating

To improve production rates and fastener quality, fastener manufacturers use heat in their heading, threading and patching production processes.

Nanoparticle Heating

Induction heating is a convenient and flexible method to deliver high-strength magnetic fields to nanoparticles.

Brake Rotor Heating

Once protective coatings are applied, rotors are dried or cured in an oven. Induction heating for rotor finishing saves on energy costs and valuable production time.

Shell Annealing

Induction heating is an easier method for the production of ammunition which does not use pans, torches, revolving wheels or conveyor type ovens.

Tube and Pipe Heating

Induction heating is the preferred solution for tube and pipe manufacturers looking for more effective, cost-efficient heating technology.

Automotive Industry

Within the automotive manufacturing industry, induction heating is used extensively in body, engine, electrical and other systems.

The Artificial Intelligence
"To maximize the efficiency of your induction processes and reap the benefits of IGBT technology, contact us for assessment and custom quote on induction heating & melting machines."