Industrial Chiller

Industrial Chiller

Foster make chiller is basically a water refrigeration system, that produces cold water at pre – set temperature level which can be used for heat removal from one area & deposit it into ambient air.

The normal range of temperature can be anywhere from 6 degree to 25 degree depend upon process requirement. Precise temperature control of water is achieved through digital temperature control. Foster chillers are designed to achieve efficient cooling of equipment / components in industrial applications.

Our Industrial Chillers

Induction is a scientific process used to heat to melt metal to a specific melting point. Some furnaces like the electric induction furnace can be used for ferrous and nonferrous metals. Other furnaces are used for on type of metal only. The process allows a metal to be heated through the use of electrical current either with direct or indirect heat. This process is also used to heat treat metal items.

Heat treating is used to harden steel parts, or to solder and braze material. Induction hardening is used to heat a metal to a critical point and then use a quench tank to cool the metal down. Brazing and soldering use induction as a way to join metal parts together. Induction is a great heating method that can be used to accomplish many things in the manufacturing industry.

Applications :

  • Large size Chiller & Condenser for any industrial environmental condition.
  • User friendly operations of Electrical as well as Refrigeration.
  • Anti freeze protection.
  • Anti vibrators for Compressors.
  • Tropicalised design.
  • Digital Temperature Controller.
  • With over load Protections for compressor, pump fan etc.

Specifications :

MODEL F 1.5T F 2T F 3T F 5T F 7.5T
Temperature 6°C to 18°C 6°C to 18°C 6°C to 18°C 6°C to 18°C 6°C to 18°C
Capacity Kcal+Hr 4537Kcal/Hr 6050Kcal/Hr 9075Kcal/Hr 15125Kcal/Hr 22687 Kcal/Hr
Compressor KW 1.66 2.10 3.32 5.44 6.94
Water Pump H.P 0.5 0.5 1.0 1.0 1.0
Water Connection 1"BSP 1"BSP 1"BSP 1"BSP 11/4"BSP
Con.Load.H.P 2.8 3.3 5.5 8.5 0.5
Tank Cap in Ltr 25 40 50 65 110
Refrigerant R-22 R-22 R-22 R-22 R-22
Chiller SS SS SS SS SS
Condenser Air /Water Cooled Air /Water Cooled Air /Water Cooled Air /Water Cooled Air /Water Cooled

Heat Exchanger System : This is suitable for heat removal of Induction Heating Machine.

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"To maximize the efficiency of your induction processes and reap the benefits of IGBT technology, contact us for assessment and custom quote on induction heating & melting machines."