Induction Shrink Fitting

Application Notes

Improve your shrink-fit process without flame. Induction heating focuses energy in your part only. You don't need a torch or a costly batch or furnace process. Shrink fit your materials in a repeatable, precise flameless process.

Popular Shrink-fitting Application Notes

Shrink fitting an aluminum tube for an optical system

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Shrink fitting an aluminum motor housing for the automotive industry

Induction heating is fast, presents significant energy savings over an electric oven, requires a more modest footprint than an oven and can be easily integrated into an automated process

Shrink fitting an aluminum hub to enable a steel bushing to be inserted

The client currently uses an electric oven and the heating time is two hours, so at 60 seconds, the time savings with induction is very significant

Shrink-fitting a gear securely on a shaft (automotive)

The customer was using a torch, which can lead to inconsistent part quality. Induction's precise heating means the client can count on consistent results in their process

Shrink-fitting an aluminum motor housing

The customer was using a cold press, but it was creating part defects. This was resolved with induction heating: the process took just two minutes compared to 40 minutes and they were able to achieve their targeted production rate.

Heating a stainless steel sleeve for industrial washers

The customer currently uses electric ovens that run 24 hours a day, 5 days per week and their primary concern is to save on the energy cost of heating the parts in the ovens.

Shrinkfitting a steel mud pump liner

A twenty-turn helical coil is used to heat the chain. The chain is fed through the coil at a rate of 1 meter per minute to reach the desired 1760 ºF (960 ºC) for the tempering process...

Shrink fit a steel gear onto a steel gear motor shaft

A four-turn helical internal coil is used to heat the gear bore. The coil is inserted into the gear bore and power is applied for 90 seconds to reach the required 400 ºF (204 ºC) and expand the gear bore...

Shrink-fitting a carbide ring into a valve seat

A three turn helical coil is used to heat the steel valve seat. The steel valve seat is placed in the coil and heated for 50 seconds to enlarge the center hole & drop the carbide ring in for the shrink-fitting process.

Shrink-fitting auto turbo charger impeller blades onto an aluminum shaft

Induction heating provides repeatable results, reduced cycle time, lower consumables cost and even distribution of heating

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