Induction Melting

Application Notes

Melting with induction provides reliable, repeatable, non-contact, safe and energy-efficient heat in a minimal amount of time. These advantages can be effectively utilized in the metal melting process. Whether your application involves melting of a few grams of metals is small crucibles, or an input of several hundreds of kilograms in latge furnaces, Induction foster provides the best solution.

Popular Induction Melting Application Notes

Melting of Ni based alloy samples

It took 5 seconds with a 2 kW EASYHEAT to reach temperature, which melted the plastic for a solid bond without cracking the molded plastic.

Heating a crucible for melting plastic

A single-position 6-turn helical coil is used to generate the required heating for application. The crucible is heated in 70 seconds with the 5kW power supply.

Melting silicon in graphite crucible for material testing

The customer is developing a university lab experiment to melt silicon and is still developing the process.

Melting lead ingots to form battery posts and connectors

Melting 30 lb(13.6 kg) & 60 lb(27.2 kg) lead ingots to form battery posts & connectors

Melting the end of a plastic tube to create a seal

A single turn coil encapsulated in custom blocks is used for sealing the tube. Two tubes are placed between the coil blocks and a 7lb (3.2kg) load is applied to the top of the coil.

Crucible melting a variety of materials in a nitrogen atmosphere

The crucible is heated using a coil with a four turn pancake at the base that extends upward into a three turn helical coil.

Melting aluminum in a graphite crucible for casting

Induction heating provides hands-free heating that involves no operator skill for manufacturing, repeatable, dependable results, more efficient and cost effective then gas furnace, does not heat up the manufacturing area and increases production.

Hermetic sealing of stainless steel rods with glass preforms

Induction heating provides hands-free heating that involves no operator skill for manufacturing, amounts of glass are precisely controlled by the glass preforms and even flow of glass creates aesthetically pleasing bond.

Inserting brass bushing into plastic wire connector

Induction heating is the only feasible way to remove the plastic coating, leaving it in an unpolluted form for recycling. It is a faster process

Releasing a Lens Grinding Fixture Bond

The bonded assembly is placed (glass up) within a helical coil which circles the bonding slug. Induction heats the material to the melting point in 5-7 seconds.

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