Cap Sealing with Inductoin Heating

  • High reliability seals
  • Easy integration into production lines
  • High process speeds

Popular Cap Sealing Notes

Sealing a Plastic Container with Induction Heating

A specially designed multiple-turn pancake coil was used for this heating application. Initial tests were conducted to optimize the power delivered to the part.

Sealing an aluminum disk onto a plastic cap

Induction heating enabled the aluminum to seal to the plastic cap quickly without the cap being damaged. The customer desired a quick rate which would make in-sourcing the process worthwhile, and induction heating exceeded the targeted production rate thanks to its fast heating.

Heating pre-assembled plastic tube and cap

Customer currently has Induction foster equipment and would like to increase their run rate.

Sealing aluminum foil cap to plastic bottle

A single turn helical coil of rectangular tube is designed to uniformly heat the entire perimeter of the aluminum foil. In production the bottle will pass under the induction coil.

Cap Sealing 3.5” Lotion Container

Power is applied directly to the foil; no energy is wasted heating the cap or the surrounding air or parts.

Cap sealing; shampoo container

A three-turn two-position helical coil is used to heat the aluminum foil in a tunnel style assembly. Product (containers) passes easily under the induction coil.

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